Using the example of Graz University of Technology

Universities, with their reservoirs of knowledge and forefront research, offer a plethora of partnership avenues for businesses. This workshop dives into the immense possibilities and nuances of such partnerships, using the Graz University of Technology as a case in point.

At the heart of our discussion is the instrumental role of university transfer offices. Acting as bridges between academia and the business sector, they provide insights on diverse matters, from research grants to patent complexities. Their proficiency ensures that partnerships are not just established but are also enduring and productive.

The cornerstone of a thriving partnership is mutual comprehension. This involves identifying shared goals, locating the appropriate academic liaisons, and skillfully maneuvering the often intricate domain of intellectual property rights. Drawing from real-life instances at Graz University of Technology, attendees will acquire a deeper understanding of the dos and don’ts of cultivating these alliances.

Expanding its horizon, the workshop introduces attendees to a spectrum of partnership models. These span from detailed expert dialogues and student-driven initiatives to hands-on technical advisories. Specialized partnership events, like hackathons and innovation sprints, illustrate the vibrant methods through which academia and industry can come together.

In essence, this workshop acts as a thorough handbook, arming you with the insights, resources, and tactics to seamlessly integrate with the academic sphere for business advancement and novelty.